2019-11-15 - Melbourne
Tour: Joshua Tree Tour 2019
Songs played: 26
Audio recordings: 1
  1. Yep. Only single seats available now. Crazy!
  2. Makes me wonder how many tickets were sold in the pre sales...
  3. Second show for Sydney and Auckland showing on Live Nation website now but Melbourne not there yet. Hopefully not too far away for you.
  4. Hmm an email from U2.com about second shows, but no Melbourne.
  5. I’ll be bummed if there’s no second show. Wonder if people bought Metallica tickets and couldn’t afford u2, that’s got a 2nd show and not Sydney...
  6. Give them time..
  7. Only 238 seats left for Melbourne. Even block L234 which is the only block with 2+ seats left, and charging $366 dollars has started to sell. I'm fairly confident we'll get a second night now. They're probably waiting to see if they can flog anymore $366 seats before announcing the 2nd show, where cheaper tickets are on sale. I would expect Melbourne 2, Seoul 2 and Singapore to be announced at the same time.
  8. 193 seats now left for Melbourne. Thats less than what Auckland 1 has available. Block L234 now only has single seats left.
  9. How long can they wait to announce a 2nd show? Seeing how quickly they announced Sunday Auckland makes me think their won’t be
  10. Maybe I've written it here, I don't know. But I"m guessing it will get announced with Singapore. Plus Seoul if demand's there (can't check, but last I heard there were lots of GA's available for Seoul).

    I think they are just milking the last available Cat 1 tickets (which aren't in great locations. Last I heard, it was a couple of hundred seats, should be less than that now.

    EDIT: Looks like a sprinkling of single seats left now.