2019-11-15 - Melbourne
Tour: Joshua Tree Tour 2019
Songs played: 26
Audio recordings: 1
Videos: 1
  1. Does anyone have full a length clip of Red Hill Mining Town from Melbourne that that wouldn't mind me using in a YouTube project?
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  3. Originally posted by SJKamal:It's now November 15th in Melbourne, which marks the 2 year anniversary for this show. Here is the film for it. Unfortunately, Red Hill Mining Town and Trip Through Your Wires are missing due to lack of footage. If anyone does have them, I could always edit them into the film and reupload it.

    [YouTube Video]
    Great video fairy major fail at the start of Streets when Edge's guitar 🎸 shuts down not often that happens ,good recovery by Dallas who is on hand with a replacement before things get nasty
  4. Was watching from way back in the stadium that night; thanks for sharing the close up views.
  5. Thank you for this!
  6. Melbourne has now been reuploaded to include RHMT and Trip.