2019-11-22 - Sydney
Tour: Joshua Tree Tour 2019
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  1. Good luck!
  2. Got em
  3. Got it... good night
  4. Me, too. G'd night

  5. Thanks for that map but we only got BREW7 or REILL4 and 314 for the 2nd show in the U2com presale

    Really would like something more next to the field like 17 or 30

    Also what cat is 27/28 (white)?

    Are they only releasing those others (like 17 and 30) for the general sale?
  6. Originally posted by scottE:Thanks for that map but we only got BREW7 or REILL4 and 314 for the 2nd show in the U2com presale

    Really would like something more next to the field like 17 or 30

    Also what cat is 27/28 (white)?

    Are they only releasing those others (like 17 and 30) for the general sale?
    No worries.

    Yeah, it's a bit upsetting that the presales aren't always offered the best seats. If you weren't happy with the seats you were offered, & didn't accept them, it may be worth trying again, right up until the presale ends at 5pm today.

    If you're still unhappy, try again in the Live Nation presale tomorrow. It's free to enter, & didn't sell out for days for Sydney 1 (most of the general public don't know about this presale). You could wait until the general sale, but I probably wouldn't recommend it. Sales might be slower, as Sydney 1 would have taken a lot of the demand. But it will be a weekend show, so could sell quickly, especially as Sydney 1 sold so quickly. Personally, I wouldn't risk waiting for the general sale, though I would wait for the Live Nation presale, if you're not happy with what's been offered now.

    The white bays signify that their prices are unknown, as nobody has given me any information about them. Some I'd expect to be known, like Bay 33, which you'd think would be Cat 1 (like Bays 32 & 34 surrounding it). While others I wouldn't be sure about, like Bay 11, which could be Cat 1 (like Bay 10), or Cat 2 (like Bay 12).

    I'd expect Bays 27 & 28, & Bays 13 & 14 haven't been offered for sale. It's likely that these may have obstructed views, from the sound & video booths. I was never offered the option of purchasing obstructed view seats. These seats probably won't be sold until the stage is set up, & the sightlines can be checked. Then there will be a ticket drop in the days leading up to the show.

    For the JT2017 tour, the sound/video booth was 2 stories high & positioned down the centre of the field. It would have obstructed Bays 18 & 25 in the Sydney map. But all evidence points to two booths being used instead (obstructing 27-28 & 13-14). As there's two of them, hopefully they're only one story tall, so they don't obstruct the seats too badly. It's a bit unknown where the four relay towers (marked as circles on the field) will go exactly. They will be a bit of obstruction, but not too bad. As I mentioned previously, they obstruct the higher seats worse, as the lower lever trusses are narrower than the large speaker boxes that sit atop them.

    EDIT: Here's a pic from 2017. As I mentioned, the sound/video booth is now likely to be split in two, & hopefully not so high.
  7. I'd be mighty upset if I paid full price for that view.
  8. I’m worried this will be the view from where I am in bay 314 (cat3).

    I was in the equivalent of bay 318 at Croke and while it was at the far end of the field it was incredible as the bay was between the speaker towers and above the sound desk.

    It would suck if the $60 tickets have a better view than the $200 ones.
  9. Thank you ddarroch for the extended reply. Think we will wait and see if any other tickets show up in the Live Nation presale. I don't wanna risk waiting for the general sale and ending up with even worse seats or no tickets at all.

    On the photo you included the sight isn't too bad but i don't like the idea of being that high up in cat 2 ( (310-314) and pay $265.
  10. The really pity is that for Sydney (& Melbourne) there's no Cat 4 seats. It's a big jump from $60 to around $200 plus. There's quite a few seats there that aren't horrible, but aren't great either. I think $130 would be a fairer price for them.

    The other annoyance is that you can't choose your seats the map on Ticketek. You can on Ticketmaster (though I'm not sure if you could straight away, when traffic was very high for the sale).

    Sydney is one of the shorter, wider fields being used. So I think bays 18 & 25 could offer good value, if you're offered them. Particularly 18, as there's less chance the b-stage will be obstructed. A straight view, that shouldn't be obstructed, though pretty far away from the stage.

    Bay 12 would be a bit closer than the $267 seats you've been offered. Though there's a chance the b-stage could be obstructed by the sound booth (& who knows exactly where the relay towers will end up). Interestingly, the comparable seats on the other side of the stadium (bay 29 or 30) are Cat 1 ($365) seats. These are obviously closer to the b-stage, but certainly have no obstructions from the sound booth.

    The VIP party is sandwiched between Bay 12 & the seats you've been offered. At $800+ they certainly don't offer good value!

    The very southern end of the lower level of the ladies stand (LOWERLAD1 I presume) maybe ok for the $267 seats, as the ladies won't be so tall, & it's quite close. Mike thinks these may be too side on, & as the SCG is pretty wide, he could be right. The fact that these mainly, though not always, came up late in the sale (when other seats were gone), may support this. You certainly don't want the northern end of the Ladies, that's too side on.
  11. Dave, have you figured out where the cheap Cat-5 seats are? Not wanting any, just curious.