2019-12-01 - Singapore
Tour: Joshua Tree Tour 2019
Songs played: 26
Audio recordings: 1
  1. Maybe they want to wait how Tokio sells and add one other Tokio concert before Dec 4?
  2. Hopefully they won't do anything drastic and bolt it onto the end after Seoul.
  3. I think Tokyo is one of the most desirable dates of the tour IMHO.
  4. Why it's midweek
    Singapore on a Saturday night looks best to me
  5. Midweek rush hour in Tokyo isn't much fun trust me
  6. I hope to hear something about Singapore presale!
  7. Once general sale begin they will start announcing 2nd nights. At that point I expect them to announce Singapore. With pre-sales beginning a couple of days later.
  8. That sounds realistic
  9. Originally posted by Welsh_Edge:1st December could work I guess as that would give 2 days in between Singapore and Saitama.

    Or the original rumoured date of the 30th.

    So this must definitely be the reason why the announcement was delayed.

    I bet it would be 1st December as 30th November crashes with a relative huge running event in Singapore that could divide some of the audience.