2019-12-04 - Saitama
Tour: Joshua Tree Tour 2019
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  1. flight booked also for me..

    very good price with air france
  2. Is it just me or does this not look like a terrible place/way to segregate the crowd in terms of a band interaction and crowd atmosphere point of view. Too noticeable a gap right at the end of the walkway bits. I’m guessing it’s likely they’ll have as noticeable a split for this tour.


    Laws that prohibit ticket reselling in Japan have come into force today ahead of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

    Passed by Japan’s parliament last December, the legislation outlaws a number of actions in a bid to curb ticket scalping before the 2020 Olympics. These include the acquisition of tickets for the purpose of scalping and resale of tickets for sports events and concerts for more than the purchase price.

    Those who break the law face up to a year in prison and fine of up to 1 million yen (£7,300/$9,200), or both.

    The laws apply to tickets and QR codes that designate seats or the name of spectators in advance. Invitation tickets and those distributed for free are not subject to the new law.

    Individuals who became unable to attend an event they paid for can use the organiser’s official website to resell their tickets.

    While ticket touting outside stadiums has been illegal for many years, the laws passed last December were designed to introduce restrictions on online sales for the first time.

    The bill was drawn up by a cross-party group of lawmakers, including members of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party and the main opposition Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan.

    Those who applied for Tokyo 2020 tickets in the recent lottery will find out next week if they were successful. In total, Tokyo 2020 ID registrations, the first step required before purchasers could enter the ticket lottery, reached 7.51 million during the 20-day application period in May.

  4. Hello, I did order 2 tickets with my pre-sale code. In the e-mail from U2 its said that I can order 4 tickets. I want to log in again, but now the sites gives me te error that my code is wrong.

    Can you only use the code 1 time? Even if you did not order 4 tickets?
  5. Originally posted by denick66:Hello, I did order 2 tickets with my pre-sale code. In the e-mail from U2 its said that I can order 4 tickets. I want to log in again, but now the sites gives me te error that my code is wrong.

    Can you only use the code 1 time? Even if you did not order 4 tickets?
    Hello, I think because the presale has finished. You have to wait for the general sale.
  6. Yes, the presale finished and you can't use it.
    Just buy 2 more tickets for Singapore.
  7. The Tokyo Vendor Presale-2 is now open. Unlike the first round of vendor presales, this one is open to EVERYONE, not just Japanese residents.

    Here's a copy & paste of a message to someone that was struggling with the presales, outlining the process.

    No need to enter a Japanese phone number, no need to enter an address. The process is quite simple.

    NOTE: this is a LOTTERY. Entries are open until July 13 (23:59). You are not guaranteed tickets. So DON'T make any travel plans until you have confirmation that you were successful in the lottery (on July 17).

    Visit Invalid url 'https://www.u2japan2019.com'

    For the English presale hit the 'Apply' button for the TICKET PIA * ENGLISH PAGE, towards the bottom of the page.

    Choose either Red Zone or seats & GA, & 'Proceed'.

    You'll be bombarded with information on the next page, once you've read it, choose 'Next'.

    Another page with lots of (fee) information. Once you've read it, check the term & conditions box, so the 'Agree' button appears.

    The registration page, a couple of things here.

    For the phone number, each field can only contain 4 digits. So the first field will probably need to include you country code & your area code. But it MUST only be numerals, NO plus sign, NO spaces. So join the country code & the area code together. Eg. Sun Valley (208), USA (1) becomes 1208.

    The password must be alphanumeric characters, NOT special characters like $ or @.

    Choose 'Desired Performance(s)', & select the appropriate date. Click the 'Type of Seat Select' button.

    As I said, this is a lottery. You can choose up to 5 options. Each option can be a different ticket type, on a different date. These options are prioritised.

    So start with the ticket type you want the most, & the date you'd prefer as Priority 1. Select the ticket type & click the 'the amount of tickets' button. Select the quantity & click 'Confirmation' button.

    If you would like to try for a different date or a different ticket type in the lottery click 'Adding desired' button, & repeat the process.

    Note, you will only be charged for the highest priority tickets that were successful in the lottery. So if you're happy to go for either date, try them both. The same goes for ticket type, GA front, GA rear, expensive seats, cheap seats. Try whatever you'll be happy to receive. You can have between 1 & 5 priorities.

    Once you've completed your priorities, click "Settlement Method" button.

    Enter your credit card details & click the 'Ticket Issuance of Tickets' button.

    Note: collection of tickets are at 7-eleven stores. This is common for Japanese concerts.

    Best of luck!
  8. Enjoy the stress of whether they have accepted your card or not!
  9. Haha, at least you got a resolution in a couple of days. These guys have to wait a couple of weeks!
  10. I didn’t apply to Tokyo in fan presale, was hoping for Seoul 2. Decided to enter lottery for Saitama and got front standing for night 1. Missed out for night 2. Now the tricky job of getting clearance from my missus

    Think the PIA page said only a general sale if tickets not all sold. If didn’t get front standing for night 2 do you reckon there’ll be any front standing in the general sale? And do you know if you have to register for PIA to buy them? Couldn’t see a link to register on English language page. Cheers