2019-12-04 - Saitama
Tour: Joshua Tree Tour 2019
Songs played: 26
Audio recordings: 4
  1. You might want to take a closer look at the Setlists, I don’t remember I will follow, Gloria, or desire appearing at any of the Auckland shows.

  2. Gloria! I was on the B stage and the crowd went wild. One of my favorite moments.
  3. Gloria was such a suprise last night. Hearing those opening drums when I expected the riff of I Will Follow was a great surprise!
  4. IWF is the mentee to the mentor: GLORIA
  5. yea the mentor
  6. Listen to Adam play a Gloria solo at 19:20 of this live show at Dublin in 87:

  7. Classic
  8. IWF + Gloria was a highlight of e+i that should have been retained here so there was something from each album prior to the JT section.
  9. I only did the one Japanese show, Tokyo 2. But it was great. The crowd was much louder than at the Aussie shows (I'm sure being indoors, & much closer helped too).

    Of course you judge the crowd by those directly around you, but it was awesome where we were at the top of the tree stage. We had a great party going on with the Japanese girl behind us, she was just about losing her mind! Looking up in the stands nearly everyone was in their feet. The crowd sung along to Love is Bigger a lot better than the Aussie crowds, that's for sure!

    Great to have Gloria back, & be up close for that.
  10. if you see the gloria video you can see all the seats throwing their hands out, as they usually do with their idol girls or boy bands, copying the moves, they simply love it ....
  11. So cool to get Gloria in there