2019-12-08 - Seoul
Tour: Joshua Tree Tour 2019
Songs played: 25
Audio recordings: 2
  1. Originally posted by cd_berlin:[..]
    I roughly put this together on the basis of individual blocks and come to about 12,200 seats. No idea if that fits roughly ?!
    Alone blocks "Reserve Seat A" would have to be about 6,000 seats.
    But that would mean that the capacity (including GA & RZ) would be 32,000 / 33,000.
    (I hope my english is ok. )
    Your English is great!

    Thanks for the info
  2. Google says 25k for concerts

    The Gocheok Sky Dome (Korean: 고척스카이돔; Hanja: 高尺----)[2] is a domed baseball stadium located in Gocheok-dong, Seoul, South Korea. It is the home ballpark for the Kiwoom Heroes.[3] The stadium is primarily used for baseball and has a capacity for 16,813 spectators for baseball games.[1] The stadium replaced Dongdaemun Baseball Stadium and opened on 15 September 2015. It also serves as a concert venue, with a capacity for around 25,000 spectators.[4]

    I don’t believe that’s Seoul 2 is coming. Even if it sells out, it didn’t sell out quickly.
  3. I know that the capacity at concerts is officially stated as 25,000. But the 2x 10,000 GA + 500 RZ are undeniable.
    If you sum up the seating blocks roughly, you get to about 12,000 (which is conclusive with the stated capacity of 16,800 for the baseball including the rear tribune.)
    I suspect it's 25,000 if there are seats in the GA area.
  4. It feels hopeless for a second show in Seoul right?
  5. It doesn’t look good no but it can still happen. If they announce Melbourne 2 without announcing Seoul 2 I guess its dead.
  6. The thing is, they sold all the seats in Seoul very fast, and all but like 2,000 (out of possible 20,000 I’ve heard) GA tickets. Clearly, GA is not a popular thing in Korea.

    I say just put another show on sale and lower the price of the GA a little bit. Show would have ) months to sell out.
  7. Just put seats on the floor
  8. U2songs rumours section today still suggests Seoul 2 is a possibility. I’m hoping it is as travelling from UK and a long way to go for one show!