2019-12-08 - Seoul
Tour: Joshua Tree Tour 2019
Songs played: 25
Audio recordings: 2
  1. It couldn't be that empty, right? That must have been the start of the Babymetal set... (I hope )
  2. I think it was a joke from what I’ve seen it looked pretty packed for Metallica and that was with an attendance of 18k. U2 should get over 20k going by tickets that are left maximum capacity is 25k according to Wikipedia although i suspect the set up probably allows for slightly less. Here’s a picture of the back of GA I’ve just found, I’d imagine it will be something similar for u2 but the front is full
  3. Yes, Babymetal logo is on stage.

    Seoul has sold pretty well, apart from the rear GA section, IIRC.
  4. Didn’t somebody say the capacity for U2 was going to be 32,000 at this Sky Dome.
  5. There’s a band called Big Bang that seem to have got figures in the 30k zone but Wikipedia states 25k capacity for concerts and nobody other than Big Bang have achieved more than around 20k in the one show so I don’t know if there’s a different way of setting the venue up or the figures for Big Bang are exaggerated or Wikipedia’s wrong. Metallica only got 18k though and it didn’t look that empty.
  6. I actually didn’t think it looked too bad for the back of GA. A lot of gigs I’ve been to have quite empty sections like that at the back of the GA section and that’s with a sell out (a real sell out not just an advertised one lol).
  7. Or in Barcelona 2015. Never forget:

    (this is showtime! the crowd-tunnel for Bono to come up onstage was already set up)
  8. I know people that used to go see U2 on every tour up to 360 but a lot won't go now with the price of tickets been so high since the I&E tour.,a lot of hardcore don't think twice about shelling out a fortune because that's what they live for it's like Christmas to them they don't really question the price but for a lot of other people it's not worth it ,U2 have been around a long time and while the casuals enjoy the gigs they won't pay extortionate prices to see them regardless of how good the gigs are.