1. War

    Sunday Bloody Sunday - 100%.
    - In the 2017 Joshua Tree Tour, Sunday Bloody Sunday opened up on numerous occasions meaning that it opened a concert since August 7, 1992. On the last 2 previous tours before the 2017 and 2019 Joshua Tree Tour, it had been stripped down on Innocence & Experience and also on Experience & Innocence, but in the 2019 Joshua Tree Tour, band is definitely going to go all out on this with the song when it opens up the show.

    New Year's Day - 100%. - New Year's Day has never missed a tour, and it did not miss the previous tour as well, Loved the new Version of the song, Band should probably play that version again. I dig the new version to be fair.

    40 - 75% - We can't hold out hope for 40 although 13 (There Is A Light) became the new 40 of the Experience & Innocence Tour, it really doesn't mean that 40 won't go away, the last time 40 was played was in October of 2016, and the last time they played this song in Australia was in 1998 in the Popmart Tour, 40's due for a revival in the Oceania and Asia Tours.

    Unforgettable Fire

    A Sort of Homecoming - 85% - The Unforgettable Fire Tour was the first to start it all in Australia, and debuting in Melbourne in 1984 was of course A Sort of Homecoming, it had been 35 years since that song had not been played in Oceania and Asia, In the 2017 Joshua Tree Tour, it made it's return to the set after November of 2001, But let's see if there is a spot for A Sort of Homecoming in this tour.

    Pride - 100% - It wouldn't be an Unforgettable Fire topic without Pride (In The Name of Love), this song has been the all-time crowd pleaser of this show, The last time it played in Oceania and Asia was 9 years ago which was December 18, 2010. Of course it made it's debut there in 1984 and it was soundchecked in 1983 before the Band made The Unforgettable Fire, so definitely count Pride in Oceania and Asia.

    The Unforgettable Fire - 75% - The last time The Unforgettable Fire was in a Joshua Tree Tour was December 8, 1987, and the last time it was played in Oceania and Asia was November 29, 1989. It also along with Pride & A Sort of Homecoming made it's first appearance in the Unforgettable Fire Tour as well, band did not resurrect this song until the 360 Tour, and just recently, 9 months ago, the band played it on their Experience & Innocence Tour one time, but The Unforgettable Fire is due to be played in this tour, come on U2 don't chicken out, this is one of the most underrated songs I love.

    Promenade - 10% I can't believe i'm putting Promenade up on the prediction list, I've put it up there because the band has never and I mean ever played this song, The band has already brought "Scarlet", Red Hill Mining Town and Acrobat to the setlist, they were never played until now, but Promenade is due for a chance, maybe put it before the Joshua Tree Segment, imagine a segue between Promenade and Streets. But hey only one can dream right?.

    Bad - 100% - On the Experience and Innocence Tour, everybody expected Bad to be on the setlist, but to many's surprise, it was not and even to my surprise as well. Since 1984, Bad was the crowd pleaser of all the concerts, but it was not with ASOH, Unforgettable Fire & Pride when they made their debuts in Australia, Bad had to wait until September of 1989 to get in Oceania and Asia, It's last Oceania and Asia appearance was in December of 2010, so yep, we're probably going to hear this song again, it is an awesome favorite of mine in the Unforgettable Fire album.

    MLK - 65% - A rare U2 song that has got a lot of credit because of Martin Luther King, It was a big 1980's ballad although it was never a single, but a big 1980's concert ballad lullaby to say the least. The last time MLK was played in Oceania and Asia was 21 years ago, has it been that long?. I was 7 at the time, it's last appearance in Australia was in February of 1998. MLK did appear on the 2017 Joshua Tree Tour, but it was swapped by Bad, maybe a rare treat to see MLK in the set before Pride. But it's highly doubtful.