1. I don't have to do The Joshua Tree because we all know what songs will be played, so i'm going to head on to Rattle and Hum

    Desire - 80% - I say it's a safe bet that Desire makes it to the 2019 Joshua Tree Tour, because I was hoping it was going to be in the 2017 Joshua Tree Tour as an encore starter, but didn't happen. Last time it played in Oceania & Asia was in December of 2010, And also the first time that this song was played in Oceania & Asia on September 21, 1989 in the Lovetown Tour, There's only 9 shows in this leg, but I say Desire will be played one time.

    Angel of Harlem - 85% - If the band wants to relive the Old Lovetown Days, then it's best they put Angel of Harlem because Angel of Harlem, like Desire was also a part of the Oceania & Asia Lovetown Tours in the first leg. Let's hope there's a R&H Segment at the end of the Joshua Tree Segment and see if this song will make it there. Because it recently missed the E&I Tour, but did make a one-time appearance at the Apollo with the Horns.

    Love Rescue Me - 65% - Of course everyone would love to see Love Rescue Me back in the setlist, It's one of the most U2 Troubadour Songs ever played in the 1980's, although it wasn't a big single, you might have considered it to be one. So Hopefully when the R&H Segment happens, you have got to squeeze Love Rescue Me in this set.

    Heartland - 35% - This song has never been played, although it's been snippeted one time in the Lovetown Tour, The Band has tried out songs that had never been played, and it was successful, Red Hill Mining Town finally made it's debut in 2017, Scarlet finally debuted in 2010, The First Time finally debuted in 2005 and recently Acrobat made it's debut on the last tour. So Heartland needs it's fair share of making it's debut.

    All I Want Is You - 80% - One of my favorites from Rattle and Hum, definitely a truer love song like All I Want Is You, This song had been played on many occasions in tours, but two tours it missed sadly was the 2017 Joshua Tree Tour and The Experience and Innocence Tour, although it did make one promo tour appearance and that was done by a string section and also the regular studio version that had not been played live since 1990. And the last time it played in Oceania & Asia was in December of 2010, so let's hope this song makes it to the 2019 Joshua Tree Tour set and if it does, let it be the closer.