1. Achtung Baby

    Zoo Station - 75% - If U2 dig up some of their old hits after the Joshua Tree Segment, it would be better for them to do an Achtung Baby Encore Set, and Zoo Station is the best way to do it, Last Time Zoo Station was in the Oceania and Asia tours was in 2006. But it's due for a return in the Oceania and Asia Tour.

    Even Better Than The Real Thing - 50% - I really thought this would be played in the 2017 Joshua Tree Tour, and I believe it's got a good carry to be there. But where you do put it?. Do you put it in the encore or main-set, it wouldn't be hard to try for this song to be played. It returned to the set on the previous tour, but without the slide solo similar to what they did with Mysterious Ways in 2009 and even in 2015. But I think The Real Thing needs to be in the Joshua Tree 2019.

    One - 100%
    - You can't say this song does not need a 1%. It's the all-time famous song in the 1990's, One. And it's been played a lot and even in the 2017 Joshua Tree Tour, it was played as the last song rarely, and I think U2 can close that out again in this tour.

    Until The End of The World - 60% - Everyone was shocked to see Until The End of The World get dropped out in the 2017 Joshua Tree Tour, it was a likable chance to be played considering it had been played at Every Tour, no one has not heard this song live since September of 2018. But it's something that needs to be played, maybe start it off in the encore if you will.

    Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses - 70% - Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses surprised many of the U2 warhorse fans by returning to the setlist in the E&I tour as a regular in it's full band style, the last time it was a regular was in 1992 on the ZOOTV Tour, it took 26 years for it to be a regular, but does Horses have a spot in the Joshua Tree Tour, you know. It would be nice to have it open in the encore like they did in Tulsa on E&I Opening Night.

    The Fly - 65% - And here's another song that did not make it to the 2017 Joshua Tree Tour, The Fly. Thought it had a chance as well, but it never showed, But The Fly has been a U2 Heavy Knockout on Achtung Baby, and it's easy to see way on every single tour despite missing it on Popmart and Innocence and Experience and the 2017 Joshua Tree Tour, But I say The Fly can swoop into the tree.

    Mysterious Ways - 80% - Why the band did not play this on Experience and Innocence was beyond me, they brought the slide solo back in this song on the 2017 Joshua Tree Tour and it could've fitted well for the encore in the previous tour, a MW/One/Love is Bigger and 13 was what we could've expected, but wasn't meant to be. Mysterious Ways though needs to return in this tour, it missed the last tour and it never missed a tour since it's live debut in February of 1992 until the previous tour. But the band's got to play it.

    Ultraviolet (Light My Way) - 55%
    - To me this song is the best U2 tour to be fitted in a Stadium, It's last time it was in Oceania and Asia was in December of 2010, This song could've fitted well in the Previous Tour considering how it was brought back in the 2017 Joshua Tree Tour and became a regular, but I think Ultraviolet has had it's day in the sun, but it wouldn't surprise me to be back in this tour.

    Acrobat - 70% - It took 26 years of trying, but finally Acrobat made it's anticipated debut on the Experience and Innocence tour, it was very well needed, and the Macphisto thing worked good, So if you want Acrobat in this tour, then this deserves to be there.


    Stay (Faraway So Close) - 75% - I think the only song that fits Zooropa to a tee is the Stay (Faraway So Close), And this song does not disappoint at all, after playing it Full Band in 1993, Bono and Edge did an acoustic version of it from Elevation Tour through the 360 Tour until it's 25-year electric and full band performance. So I think Stay should be in this tour, But make it in the encore. It might work well in the encore.
  2. So many Achtung Baby songs got showcased on the backend of e+I that I suspect we’ll just see One and 1-2 other. I don’t expect them to be anything beyond the staples (EBTTRT, UTEOTW, MW) or UV.

    I don’t expect any Zooropa because after the staples there’s not much room, and I expect they will actually include RH songs this time.