1. Passengers

    Miss Sarajevo - 80%. Yea i think it's a good shot that Miss Sarajevo makes it to the 2019 Joshua Tree Tour, hell it made it to the 2017 Joshua Tree Tour, It was very awesome to see the images of Syria, very touching segment in the encore. But will it stay there.


    Discotheque - 55%. Discotheque i feel like is really due for a show, last time it was ever played was in Chicago in 2005 on the Vertigo Tour, but it has missed the last 4 tours although it was snippeted in I'll Go Crazy if I Don't Go Crazy Tonight on the 360 tour. But is it due to return to Australia, because the last time it was there was in March of 1998 on the Popmart Tour.

    Staring At The Sun - 70% - Staring At The Sun surprisingly made a return to Experience and Innocence, but it got replaced by Summer of Love in the European Tour. I think we would love to see a full band version or an acoustic version. That would happen in Australia.

    Please - 75% - Where has this song been?, Last time it's been played in full was 2001 but it has been snippeted after that decade, and it's missed the last 5 tours as well. But i say Please has a chance to return to the set, maybe a full electric version of Please.
  2. Miss Sarajevo - 5% - It was a killer on the 2017 tour. Major momentum killer, and they fell in love with the message despite the fact it didn't work. Finally dropped it on 3rd lg.

    Discotheque - 0.1% - Edge didn't like doing it in 2005, they seem to avoid the Pop stuff.
    Staring at the Sun - 0.2% - Got a short run in the US for 2018. Nothing too amazing when they did it.
    Please - 0.15% - Again, avoid the Pop.

    JT32 will be the JT album and hits. Use the 2017 setlist as a starting point, and maybe swap out some of the set piece songs like Miss Syria and Ultraviolet, as I'm sure they'll come up with some new set pieces.
  3. Beautiful day - 80%
    Elevation - 75%
    One - 90%
    These are more realistic...