1. Songs of Innocence

    Every Breaking Wave - 50% - Band should have done this in the 2017 Joshua Tree Tour, this is a great piano ballad, but it never made it to two tours despite the songs being played on one offs, But i would think that they could squeeze this song in the encore, have an acoustic set in the middle of the encore and have it sneaked in right after You're The Best Thing About Me.

    Song for Someone - 65% - Here's another song that also could've made it to the Joshua Tree Tour in 2017, Song for Someone. Could've made it to the encore as well, but didn't make the cut, if these shows on the 2017 Joshua Tree Tour was a 30 or 31 song set, then yes. I could've seen U2 sneak in these songs or two. But I have hope that they play this then again maybe i'm wrong.

    Cedarwood Road - 35% - Another song that could have also made the set in the 2017 Joshua Tree Tour but did not make it there, And i don't think it will have the same flavor it will be in the 2019 Joshua Tree Tour. So Cedarwood Road I don't think will be in the Joshua Tree.

    Ordinary Love - 15% - I would love for this song to be played in this tour, This would have been the perfect opportunity for it to be in the Joshua Tree Tour, have it played electric and full band style instead of the acoustic version. But was not played, Ordinary Love deserves a spot in that list.

    Songs of Experience

    Lights of Home - 75% - This may come to a shock, but i would love this song to be played, have Bono under the Joshua Tree singing this song in Experience and Innocence style, maybe the guys have a good shot at it, if it's a 30 or 31 song set. Then this song should be played at the start of the encore.

    You're The Best Thing - 85% - This song made it's debut on the 2017 Joshua Tree Tour as it was played electric style, but on the next tour it was stripped down acoustically and we could see it stripped down in this tour as well. So i'm giving this a 85% on it.

    Get Out of Your Own Way - 70% - Ohhh most likely, This song had been a great crowd pleaser in Experience and Innocence, I wonder how well they can play it in Australia with the images and stuff like that, And I also thought it would also be the third song played on the 2017 Joshua Tree Tour next to Little Things and Best Thing, but didn't happen. But it's a good shot for it to be played.

    The Little Things That Give You Away - 80% - First time this song was played was in the 2017 Joshua Tree Tour, but it missed the entire tour of Experience and Innocence, I would love to see The Little Things be played again and have it be part of an encore.

    The Blackout - 75% - I would like to see this song be the first song of the night in this tour and then after, Lights of Home and then the old-school songs that made U2 bigger from the 1980's. So if The Band want to start out early, go to the Experience and Innocence section and play The Blackout and Lights of Home before going into the old school hits.

    Love Is Bigger Than Anything In It's Way - 95% YES! YES! YES! This song has gotta be played, and if you want this song to be played in Australia, make it the closer of these songs. It would be good to see it be played under the Tree. And reason why i say this, is it has similarities to With or Without You, is it the new With or Without You of this tour believe it or not. This song will probably send the crowd happy. It's the new 40 of this tour in my opinion.

    13 (There Is A Light) - 35% - I personally guarantee this with all due respect you might not see 13 in this tour, although it's a good ballad for Experience, it doesn't fit the bill for the Joshua Tree Tour. So no way for 13 to be in this set.

    And that's the complete collection of the 2019 Joshua Tree Tour Album Predictions.
  2. As others have said, your percentages are all VERY high. Along with playing the JT album in full, if you're predictions are going to be accurate the setlist will have to vary A LOT every night (unlikely), or it'll have to be an EXTREMELY long setlist every night (also unlikely).

    I'm hoping we get something quite different from JT2017. Would be nice if both the innocence & experience album get a good run.
  3. I think some people expecting way too much from the JT2019 Tour. It will be a fixed setlist, with perhaps 1 or 2 changes for second nights.

    However, it would surprise me if none of the SOE tracks were played. YTBAM and LOH are the most likely choices.
  4. Can't see anything from SOI making the setlist other than a snippet or two.

    SOE can only see Love is bigger, Get out of your own way & Blackout as potential.
  5. Originally posted by johnthedude:Love Is Bigger Than Anything In It's Way - 95%
    is it the new With or Without You of this tour believe it or not. (...) It's the new 40 of this tour in my opinion.

    Sorry what
  6. live debut for this is where you can reach me now, here's hoping!