1. Lovely feature! I’ve been using U2songs for as long as I can remember - thanks for all the work. Always fun to hear more about how fellow folks first got into the band and their own stories.
  2. Great interview Aaron Thanks for all the hard work in these almost-25 years, I remember U2wanderer was my main go-to website back in the early 00's, before U2start was born and I became a part of it. I had U2w as an inspiration for many of the features that I suggested Remy in the early days for our site, so big thanks again
  3. Ditto to the previous comments. Great interview and a sincere thanks Aaron and your crew for the work you put into the site for all of us!
  4. Solid guy with a lot of insight, a great fan with some good people assisting on his site also.

    For anyone that collects official releases, his site is and likely always be the most accurate and comprehensive reference point.

    Well done, thanks for the last 24 years, here's to another 24.

    He has caused my OCD to accelerate at times over the years for sure

    Cheers and thanks for the content and info behind the man, myth and legend.

    Eric / Bishop