2019-12-15 - Mumbai
Tour: Joshua Tree Tour 2019
Songs played: 26
Audio recordings: 1
  1. GAs are 8000 rupee which equals to 101€ ... 101€ in INDIA. This is a fucking disgrace
  2. Its as if a U2 ticket is 4000 euros/4500 USD. For comparison. (average monthly wage)
  3. 6000 INR is £67.46.
  4. It should be interesting. They genuinely seem excited.
  5. Mumbai will sell out, thats what my colleague from India thinks. He says that U2 has a big fan following in India, and also people from Nepal will come.
    There are people in India who are waiting literally their entire life for a U2 show in India, and I guess they have saved the money for that.

    My colleague gets 800 EUR per month, so it's not like 4000-5000 US$ a GA ticket of 90 EUR, but more like as we would have to pay 350 EUR, compared to my salary.
    Of course, it depends on what someone earns, but my colleague has a normal salary for an employee I think (not for a worker).