1. I adore the version of Beautiful Day they played on this tour, mainly for the awesome intro that swells with the choir/symphony. Is there a studio recording of that anywhere, or a clear IEM where Bono doesn’t ad lib over it? Just curious. Sau Paulo is the best version I’ve heard of it yet. Also, does anyone know the history of the intro?
  2. Which is "this tour" for you?
  3. I preferred the version from that tour.

    The other tour was okay but not as good as the this tour or that other tour.

    On the other hand, the later tour wasn't as good as the previous tour.

  4. It was cool when Bono snippeted lots of different songs in it. Unfortunately, Starman got really boring.
  5. Beautiful Day
  6. You just want the extended intro for Beautiful Day in 2017?

    I have a bunch from rehearsals. I can see if there's any I can easily pull out.
  7. They were in a good mood too. I've heard plenty of rehearsal stuff like that where Bono's inner diva comes out.