1. On November 8 the Joshua Tree Tour 2019 will start in a city which was significant to the history and the spirit of the album "The Joshua Tree" - because of the song "One Tree Hill" which reflects hope in the moment of a deep loss and because of the dedication of the whole album to Greg Carroll. I guess, there is no better place for U2 to open this 2019-tour as it is in Auckland. Greg Carroll, whom probably none of us have known personally, lives on in this album through the song "One Tree Hill" and gives the album a lot of the spirit, for which we are so grateful as fans. And for me - as for many others, I think - the One Tree Hill in Auckland is a kind of place of longing and a symbol, as is the song of the same name.

    So, here's my idea: What would you say that we come together and "pre-open" the tour ourselves by visiting the One Tree Hill on the evening before the first show and honor Greg Carroll by singing "his" song? I think, that would be a great and unique experience. It would take us nearer to this man who was so significant to this album, and it would let us breath the spirit of "The Joshua Tree". Maybe we could also find someone who plays guitar, so that we have a good accompaniment. Maybe you like the idea? Just say what you think about it (the main discussion runs in the zootopia-forum of u2.com).
  2. Wish I could be there.
  3. I think it's a lovely idea. If you get the band to know about the gathering it they might even drop by?
  4. Yeah, that would be great! We still need someone on guitar ...