1. again just for u2 sites please the money making thieves on the others can take a long walk off a short cliff.

    So here we are in Birmingham again 27 March 1983. Unless my hearing is even worse than I know it to be this is an upgrade on the present version. At least I hope so as the closest we get to acknowledging where they are is Bono saying he's been here before. Let's face it, if he'd forgotten the previous two visits in the last four months already he'd have serious issues. I still haven't decided whether the tape I have of the 10 March show is an upgrade it's on a few huge piles of cassettes in front of me.

    All I can say about the origin of the cassette is it was bought at a record fair from a bloke who only ever had a couple of small boxes of tapes and 99% of them would be gigs from Birmingham.