1. U2
    Leeds University
    18 March 1983

    First gen Sony BHF 90 cassette>audacity>wav>track split>flac>mp3@320 plus 18 seconds from other gen.

    First generation cassette recorded by Paul - most recordings you see from the 1980's in Leeds, sheffield etc originate from him, big with a mohican haircut for the most part, used to sell his cassettes at record fairs and antique markets. At the highpoint they would cover three or four big tables.

    The first gen tape misses the first 18 seconds, Bono's 'this could be the best concert of our lives' bit and the very opening of Gloria because the tape broke so I've stolen those 18 seconds from the recording on start and labelled it track 1 intro. All the rest comes from the one cassette. There's a couple of jumps - one from the copy to a sony c90 the other from the original 120 it was recorded on which is somewhere in out of control and i've tried to minimise them both. Other than that it's complete. And thankfully it didn't take as long to piece together as the complete Police Leeds 1983 did or we'd have still been here at Christmas.

    last upload for a while need to start working through all these tapes in front of me.

  2. Sounds great cheers !!
  3. Will definitely give this one a rattle at the weekend with a beer. Thank you.
  4. Incidentally looking through the War shows I used to have Lancaster 2 3 1983 but don't anymore. It sounded like it was recorded using a tin can and some string. Derby also existed back at the time and one of other "missing" ones Poole or Exeter, can't remember which. The bloke who had them was a nightmare to deal with. If you sent him anything first you wouldn't get yours back, he wouldn't answer phone calls, would take forever to send tapes out.