1. Thanks to the amazing work of Erredoble.com / @FLXOne we have added an amazing new set of shirts, hoodies, tanktops sweaters and more to celebrate the 2019 Joshua Tree tour.

    Felix made some great new designs for every country along with a new unique shirt for the 2019 tour.

    Available are shirts and more for New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Philippines and India designed for men, women and kids. All products can be shipped through special shops in Europe, Australia and Rest of world with products arriving within a week to most places.

    Hope you like it If you need any specific design in a specific product that's not available yet, please ping us here.

    Order and explore here: https://u2start.com/shirts/
  2. Some great designs in there. Will be picking a couple up.
  3. Awesome designs as usual, Félix
  4. Fantastic work as always, Felix!

  5. I noticed that the Japanese flag shirt isn't in the store? Per this
  6. It is available in the European store (here), but not in the "rest of the world" one. As you might know, the Japanese empire iconography isn't precisely highly appreciated within many Asian regions... I guess we didn't want to stir anything up.
  7. Fixing it!

    Update: ugh, they rejected the design. I will have to reconsider it. 3 designs are not available in the Australia/Rest of world shop.
  8. Don't see a difference between wearing it in Asia or in Europe but oh well. Looked like the best one to me
  9. I’m working on getting it back, thanks for letting me know
  10. Yeah not complaining, but thought it was odd. Will keep a look out for it popping up. Thanks
  11. It's now available. Not sure for how long so order while you can