1. Hi guys I just found this song, it is good, specially towards the end. It is a crescendo.

    Listen to it with headphones because the quality of audio is not that good.
  2. “Be There” is a song developed for War.

    Jimmy Destri of Blondie fame worked with U2 on a couple of tracks in a session in March 1982. That session yielded two songs, an instrumental which would be reworked to become “Endless Deep” and the song “Be There”, a demo which would eventually leak and be found on a number of bootleg recordings. It was also during these sessions that The Edge would come up with the piano piece for “The Unforgettable Fire” as revealed in Propaganda magazine in 1986.

    In his resume, Destri lists “Producer Credits: U2 – ‘Being There’ single and various demos (Island)” but he lists the date as 1981, instead of 1982. The song “Be There” has not been released on any of the remastered deluxe editions.

  3. Thankfully it was lost...
  4. I like it! It’s an interesting link between their very early songs and “All I Want Is You”... I’m appreciating their anonymity at this stage- & all the priceless freedom it gave to their creative streak
  5. I love this song.