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    The question of this new You Too is:

    What has been your favourite tour since 2015?
    - Innocence and Experience
    - Joshua Tree 2017
    - Experience and Innocence
    - Joshua Tree 2019

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  2. I absolutely loved the Innocence tour, but I gotta go with The Joshua Tree. That album holds a very special place in my heart, and hearing it front to back (with some treats before and after) was just fantastic. I realize that's not the typical tour people go to see U2 for - but it just felt the most special to me. Seeing the red screen come up, hearing that organ, the desert and Joshua Tree iconography - it was all something I'd dreamed about for a long time.

    When I saw the Experience tour it was too much like the Innocence tour to me (I realized by the time they reached Berlin the set had changed quite a bit) and it was disappointing. Being that I've paid zero attention to the 2019 JT tour (since I imagine it was much like the one I saw in 2017) - I have no feelings towards it.
  3. To be fair, this poll/thread is extremely similar
  4. Fair enough!
  5. Between i + e & e + i
    The i + e tour was pretty spectacular. I found the stage design really interesting and liked how the catwalk & screen divided the north and south side. SOI still is one of my favorite albums and it's about where they came from, the pain & rage that drove them to becoming who they are and what was going on with The Troubles.
    I liked the idea of the simple lightbulb to represent innocence and their beginnings on the main stage, then we got to the Iris - UTEOTW part which was amazing. Sure, SBS was somewhat weak, but Raised by Wolves that followed did the job just fine. It was almost like an outburst after the soft SBS.
    October - Bullet and Zooropa to Streets were both brilliant transitions and two of the best they've ever done I believe. Bad / 40 is greatness.
    There was more rotation, more spontaneous moments and the SOI songs sounded really good.
    As for e + i, I appreciated the darker & more personal themes: The MRI scan really put you in a weird mood. I loved Lights of Home and how the barricage first went upwards which is the brush with mortality and then downwards which is like Bono's rebirth. 'I'm fucking Bono' speech was quite enjoyable & it was cool to have MacPhisto back and of course Acrobat was a great treat. 13 was a weak song to end the show, but it was all about narrative and I appreciated the lightbulb in the end to remind us that 'there is a light, don't let it go out'. (lightbulb in the beginning of i+e & in the end of e+i was pretty cool for anyone who related to the narrative and what the band was trying to do)
    The innocence section on the e + i tour did not feel right at all. I thought it was done perfect in 2015 and it was like they were going through the motions in 2018. Thank God they changed it up to Zoo Station - Wild Horses, which was fucking brilliant.
    i + e Iris was about Bono's mother & I believe Bono felt he wanted to show love & understanding to his father with Dirty Day in the last few shows of e + i and he used this song to talk to his father.
    What would have made e + i tour perfect is if they had Streets somewhere in the set & open the encore with Bad.
    I prefer i+e a little more. All the SOI songs sounded amazing live & Bono's vocals (particulary on the Boy songs) were among his finest ever if I may say.
    Between JT 17 & 19 (I didn't go to any show )
    I believe JT 19 was better for two reasons: Band seemed way more relaxed, they enjoyed themselves a lot on stage & encore was better.
  6. E+I
  7. E+I as well

    Chaplin + Blackout = Best tour opener since PopMart
  8. If EI started like it ended setlist wise, it would’ve been amazing. Because of that, gotta go with IE.