1. This film was made by Kevin Godley for the U.S. leg of U2's INNOCENCE & EXPERIENCE tour in 2015. It was designed to play on the double screen that ran the full length of the stage, hence its unusually elongated aspect ratio. Morleigh Steinberg was shot in Dublin performing a contemporary version of THE SERPENTINE DANCE, originally filmed and hand - coloured by The Lumière Brothers in 1899, then projected selected takes onto stacks of junk in a warehouse. Camera and projector were locked together whilst tracking, to give the impression we were following Morleigh through the space and the colour streaking effect was added in post production.

    Director: KEVIN GODLEY

    Producer: NED O'HANLON

    Director Of Photography: FEDERICO REA


    Source: http://www.kevin-godley.com/mysterious-ways-stage
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