1. England in a minimum 6 week full lockdown.
  2. Yeah, mostly it's this new variant taking a hold here - 50 to 70% more transmissible - so its growing exponentially and fast.

    Pre-covid where I live you might see maybe one or two sets of ambulance blue lights whizzing past per day... maybe on rare occasions three, but most days none at all. In recent weeks and months I've casually counted into double figures, and that doesn't include the ones that don't wake me up in the middle of the night.

    Stay safe and healthy everyone.
  3. Make that 7 weeks min

  4. I went to the theatre last night which had 75% capacity and everyone was required to wear a face mask during the performance. Felt good to be out and relatively safe given all the protocols in place.

    This story has a connection to U2 fandom as it was The Picture of Dorian Gray reference in the opening lyrics of The Ocean.
  5. Any bets U2 would definitely be involved in this, if this takes place. Long way off though at the moment.

    Proposal for series of EU-wide post-pandemic concerts

    A proposal to mark the end of the pandemic with a Europe-wide set of concerts has received a warm reception from other EU culture ministers.

    The proposal was put forward by Minister for Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media, Catherine Martin.

    Minister Martin met with other European Union culture and media ministers remotely last month and proposed that the concerts be held in unison.

    While no plan has been drafted, it is understood that the concerts could be televised, resembling a 'Live-Aid' type event.

  6. Lockdowns and curfews over here in Spain (17 counties, 17 different situations, mad I know) and new Covid cases going up dramatically.
    BTW anybody heard about Phil Spector’s death? He passed away. Coronavirus got him like Instant Karma. RIP 🪦
  7. Instant karma's gonna get ya ...

    Bit weird over here (Melbourne, Australia). No idea what's currently allowed / restricted, for me pretty much the same - wearing masks, sanitising and all that tackle. But it's concerning because it seems to be all over the place all over the world.
  8. I am really blessed to live in Perth, Western Australia! WA hasn't had any COVID-19 community transmission for over 9 months now. Like is basically like 'normal' expect you can't travel easily out of the State and there are some venue/events numbers restrictions (however they are quite unrestricted, especially compared to most of the world).

    Both the Western Australian government and the federal Australian government have handled the pandemic really well, it also helps that Australia is an island.

  9. They have now pushed it back to April 2022.