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    Thank you ALL for your kind thoughts and words and indeed HELP in tracking this down. I just managed to login again to this forum to inform you all that I have indeed managed to get hold of it (piratebay) and I am currently downloading old 'cd creator covers' software (image that!)) To add the authentic 'look' to it ;-)

    But I will download the WeTransfer upload (just in case). Thank you.....

    Once again, Im proud to be a U2 fan (since 1980) and proud of their fans. The best in the world. Thanks again everyone, this will indeed help my friend 'smile' in this difficult time. Stay safe.



    ----Update Ends------
    The Pir4t3bay torrent won't download fast for you either I'm afraid And it's just a bunch of unnamed WMA files... Just go get the Wetransfer, it's the best copy of this you'll ever find, it's in FLAC so it's lossless and perfect for burning it into a CD and giving it to your mate. Or if you prefer to have it in MP3 and with proper tags go get my repacking here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=17dv8B-IPm37D_r_iaD-Iv_7IKR7UbUHk
  2. THANK YOU KINDLY, I WILL TAKE your advice onboard!!
  3. Glad we could be of help I hope your mate can reopen his business when all this madness comes to an end.
  4. Cheers! Thank you for the download link