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    You're right, and sorry. I passed them on to @Remy who handles our Youtube channel but they're not uploaded yet. I'll delete them from the list Thanks again!
  2. I might as well say this. I found a rock concert DVD shop which unfortunately sells bootleg CDs and DVDs using covers people here have made or also just straight up ripping multicams and selling them for 16 bucks a piece. But, they do post short snippets (sometimes up to 40 minutes) of the DVDs. For example, heres a 1 minute clip of Philly 1997-06-08 - https://www.rockinconcerts.com/u2-dvd-1997-06-08-philadelphia-audience.html
  3. Imagine paying for that Philly recording lol
  4. Wow, that's one sea of napes.

    I wished nobody paid for fanmade concert DVDs no matter the quality!
  5. They jack everything and sell it. Taperssection has a long running thread of tapers getting mad and trying to get it shut down, but no luck yet.
  6. If you want I could upload the missing concerts onto youtube for the time being until we get the full versions.
  7. Also I saw the Tokyo 1989 show got blocked. Could the specific part where it was blocked be muted? I'm assuming it was The Star Spangled Banner?
  8. Originally posted by UnderARedSky:Also I saw the Tokyo 1989 show got blocked. Could the specific part where it was blocked be muted? I'm assuming it was The Star Spangled Banner?
    Yeah just did so. Will be available any minute.
  9. New list of missing videos, after having added like 10 more:

    Devore 1983-05-30 (it's on Youtube but scattered around, one video per song - they'd probably remove any full one since SBS from this gig is officially released)
    Los Angeles 1987-04-22
    Leeds 1987-07-01
    Tokyo 1989-11-25 (there's several bits but not the complete gig)
    Paris 1989-12-11
    Chicago 1992-03-31
    Milan 1992-05-21
    Stockholm 1992-06-10
    Detroit 1992-09-09
    Rotterdam 1993-05-10
    Verona 1993-07-03
    Bologna 1993-07-17
    Stockholm 1993-07-31
    Cork 1993-08-24 (several bits are on YT but not the complete gig)
    Melbourne 1993-11-12
    Eugene 1997-05-06
    Washington 1997-05-26
    East Ruth. 1997-06-01
    Tibet Festival 1997-06-07 (it's scattered but no full video)
    Philadelphia 1997-06-09
    Werchter 1997-07-25
    Vienna 1997-08-16
    New Orleans 1997-11-21
    Tokyo 1998-03-05 (I've added a 15 min proshot but there's a full audience shot somewhere)
    Vancouver 2001-04-13
    Chciago 2001-05-12
    Montreal 2001-05-27
    Montreal 05-28
    Boston 2001-06-05
    Zurich 2001-07-23
    Vienna 2001-07-27 (I've added a small proshot of Elevation & interview at the airport but there's a full recording out there)
    Antwerp 2001-08-06 (soon added)
    Manchester 2001-08-11 / 12 (we got only Part2 of 11th but I'm rather sure that's actually labelled as the 12th on Achtungbootlegs...)
    London 08-19
    Philly 2005-05-22
    London 2005-06-18
    Minneapolis 2005-09-23
    Boston 2005-10-03
    Dallas 2005-10-29
    Tampa 2005-11-16
    Cleveland 2005-12-10
    Sao Paulo 2006-02-21
    Santiago de Chile 2006-02-26
    Melbourne 2006-11-19

    Although I'm sure more is missing from 360 too.
  10. I didn't even list 360 videos because trading was disappearing by then and there's no comprehensive lists of recorded shows anyway
  11. Just checked and the 2009-09-20 Foxboro show has a DVD out there somewhere. Thought I would mention that.