2011-07-30 - Moncton
Tour: U2 360° Tour
Songs played: 27
Audio recordings: 3
Videos: 1
  1. We will gather with U2 fans around the world to, for the first time here, watch "live" to a show. We will watch a great video of the closing night of the legendary 360 Tour - 2011-07-30 - Moncton. We will broadcast the amazing multi-cam made by MekVox, we thank him for his endorsement on this

    The liveshow will be broadcasted over YouTube live, and the video will appear on this page a few hours before the show and will automatically start on showtime. You can also choose to play the video "picture in picture", so you can keep chatting while watching! You will also be able to find it on YouTube itself so you can stream it on your TV or phone.

    Some reviews of the show, from U2start members:


    Special way to ending special tour... band on fire, all songs well played, and close with 40.

    Really a great show to finish the tour. Highlights: Out of Control and 40 closing, the new animation during Crazy Tonight.
    We will broadcast this show on Saturday 2 May at:

    - 6:00 AM US Central Time
    - 9:00 AM US East Coast
    - 14:00 London time (UK/Portugal)
    - 15:00 Central European Time (Netherlands/France/Spain/Italy/Germany)
    - 16:00 Moscow
    - 23:00 Sydney

    Hope you can all join us!

    Basically, at the time of the show, come here in this thread and press play to watch to an epic show.

  2. Yay! I'll be tuning in to celebrate the 360 with y'all
  3. I'll have to join in late again lol.

  4. A spaceship landed in the forest...oh, but the RAIN, RAIN, RAIN !

  5. U2360 over and out, we will never see it's like again !
  6. One of the longest shows, and I think it had the record for the longest setlist (not counting snippets) until the IE tour.
  7. Until the next tour?
  8. The most bizarre & remote setting to finish the biggest tour on Earth. So ironic.
  9. The IE tour cheated, because even Intermission, Happy birthday and Ole ole ole were counted as songs.
  10. And Bono would just sing Happy Birthday whenever, regardless of when someone's birthday actually is. Willie Williams has 3 birthdays.