1. Originally posted by u2wanderer1:I took a look at it and the version on Qobuz / Deezer is the same recording that was used for "The Complete Boston Tapes" - including the skip in the piano intro for "I Fall Down". All of the track timings are identical. Makes me think that someone used that boot as a starting point anyway.

    But this version for sale is missing 11 O'Clock Tick Tock, which should fit between Party Girl and I Will Follow. It also is slightly louder than the original "The Complete Boston Tapes" Bootleg.

    This recording was released via Wolfgang's Vault. That version doesn't have the skip at the start of "I Fall Down" and also does not have the same track timings.
    So is this a bootleg, or is this the Wolfgang's Vault release minus 11 o'clock tick tock?

    Also, the WV releases are considered official so they are not allowed here, correct?
  2. It was a soundboard recording mandated for a live album. Only Tick Tock was officially released in 83 on UABRS.

    The bootleg has circulated and a non official source uploaded it to some online stores.