1984-11-05 - Edinburgh
Tour: Unforgettable Fire Tour
Songs played: 19
Audio recordings: 3
  1. Like right about now...
  2. So U2Gigs has this snippet as Time Is On My Side, but 1) this is not what Bono sings,
    and 2) the melody is far more reminiscent of Elvis Presley And America.

    What do you guys think?
  3. I agree with the melody being close to Elvis Presley and America....
    maybe it's just Bongolese?
  4. Elvis presley and America.
  5. I so love this period of U2.....
  6. as this was the year I was discovering the band...... my friend would play me both "Under a Blood Red Sky," and "The Unforgettable Fire," and I was hooked..... now for 36 years.....
  7. October/New Year's Day...what a classic
  8. same here.
    October to NYD, WOW
  9. Remy, many thanks for putting this great show up. It was my first discovery of the band.
  10. I Can confirm that i personally attended the next 2 shows on this tour . both at the World Famous Glasgow Barrowlands Ballrooms . I Can also exclusively confirm that yes , They Were The Dogs Bollocks