1989-11-25 - Tokyo
Tour: Lovetown
Songs played: 19
Audio recordings: 5
Videos: 1
  1. Exodus
  2. OMFG the throbbing bass...
  3. 27 September and 18 November, 1st and 7th nights. The November show being most memorable for the bomb scare and starting with Hawkmoon.
  4. It was impossible to get tickets (in Europe)
  5. His voice is so good. Really the peak of it, Lovetown.
  6. I saw BB around this time I think... late 80's
  7. Yeah i seen him 1990 and was fortunate to meet him backstage after the gig .....very humble man .
  8. Wow.... how appropriate.... this is pretty much the 31st anniversary of Tiananmen Square... crushed hope... and now HK.

    Love Rescue Me is so good
  9. FFS ... that was a good Pride
  10. Just looked at his gigs list...I think it was the Hammersmith Apollo in 1986.

    Muddy Waters (Clapton 'support') at the Glasgow Apollo in 1978 was even better, but I suppose more legendary at the time.
  11. Haven't seen 40 since Moncton.

    This is better.... go Adam....give us some funky chops !