2001-08-06 - Antwerp
Tour: Elevation Tour
Songs played: 21
Audio recordings: 1
Videos: 1
  1. 🥰
  2. Oh man, Discotheque.
  3. Finally something not 'standard'
  4. INXS!
  5. More POP!
  6. Kite.... potentially the most underrated U2 song of all time?

    I would love to sit behind the stage once for an arena show.... if we ever get them again.
  7. pre-teleprompter era & almost no cell phones .... difficult to remember those days : = ))
  8. One of my favourite Boston DVD songs this one, the black and white is great.
  9. One month before 9/11.... man. New York hits different live.
  10. NY sounds so rich. I’d love to see this return. Great use of visual art with the scrims and light that produce silhouettes and shadows.
  11. wasn't the original video in 4:3 format? it's indeed a very interesting angle and one of the best Elevation video's