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    The question of this new You Too is:

    Would you subscribe to U2 X Radio based on what you've heard so far?
    - Yes, I would if I could
    - No, I need to hear more
    - I already have a subscription
    - I am not interested in U2 X Radio

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  2. If it was available in Europe I probably wouldn't subscribe. I don't want to listen to U2 24/7 and even if I did I would just use Spotify. All the other things such as the interviews and bootlegs will be leaked anyway.
  3. When I bought my new truck back in September, it came with a 3 month free trial of SiriusXM. I loved it, honestly. It was great to have such a variety. Even though I pay for Apple Music, I never think to really check out anything new, or that I am not as familiar with. XM forces you to do that, and I like it. But I let it expire, because I was being a cheap ass. But I think I am going to subscribe now. My Dad has it in his truck, and I was driving it the other day and realized how much I miss it.

    The U2 station is a nice bonus too!
  4. Good poll. Yep for me I definitely would if I could. Hopefully they'll find a way of opening it up globally in the future - tho somehow I think it might be a legal / licensing minefield.

    I've caught a few moans from people here and there over the interwebs, but gotta remember there's far more casuals out there than us super-diehards, and the band are probably catering to the masses primarily rather than throwing out obscure stuff for the super-diehards but I'm sure they will throw us a few bones eventually.

    So far, in a couple of days of tuning in, lots of interesting little soundbites from Adam, Bono and Edge. That really nice chat between Edge and David Byrne, a funny phone call between Bono and Chris Rock. I can't wait to hear who else they have lined up.

    Nice bit of fan interaction with the top 5 thing 'Desire', and I'm sure there will be much more along those lines in the future.

    The playlists are good, but ideally they need to try and find a way of ensuring the same track isn't played within 6 hours of it being previously played, I've caught a few times the same song being played an hour or so later - so needs some more savvy programming to try and avoid that.

    I generally spend most of my U2 listening time absorbing live material like many on here no doubt, so its been nice to sit and listen to some studio material that I haven't heard too much of for a while.

    There's been a few rarities / deep cuts played, I caught 'Vertigo' soundboard from Brooklyn 2004 being played - which only got an official release on a limited itunes EP that I don't think was ever available to me in the UK, or if it was, I never saw it and its certainly no longer available. Some Kindergarten Achtung Baby songs (I caught Baby Zoo Station and I think UTEOTW was played), tracks from the Joshua Tree Roots album, tracks from the Achtung Baby covers album. I'm enjoying the well-chosen non-U2 tunes too.

    It's clear the band are throwing themselves into it, and I'm sure there's probably a lot more in the pipeline for the future that they're busy working on. Edge is creating some sort of incidental music pieces for the channel I understand, Adam will stand in for Edge on the chats at some point down the line. I hope Larry gets involved in some way in times ahead.

    Plus there will surely be some interesting stuff from their vaults we've not been exposed to yet, and well... what a great way to get a regular dose of our beloved band. I'm not gonna listen 24/7/365 - but it will be nice to drop in for an hour or two or more each day and see what's what.

    It's early days, but overall I think it has GREAT potential, so I wholeheartedly support it, and would subscribe in a heartbeat if they manage to figure a way of opening it up globally - it deserves a worldwide audience.
  5. Originally posted by SJKamal:If it was available in Europe I probably wouldn't subscribe. I don't want to listen to U2 24/7 and even if I did I would just use Spotify. All the other things such as the interviews and bootlegs will be leaked anyway.
  6. If given the option in Europe I would still need to wait and see. If there’s a few exclusives of live shows and other previously unreleased live recordings I’d definitely subscribe but I’ve got no interest in listening to the stuff that’s already been released as I can pick and chose what and when I want to listen to that material.
  7. I've been a Sirius subscriber since '05 mostly for Howard.... having a U2 station is a great added bonus....
  8. Got mine. I'm enjoying it.
  9. Wow, so far all 4 answers are neck and neck, I don't think that has ever happened.
  10. For me, it really depends on what original content they can bring. If they are really going to dust off some never released live material or Edge and/or Adam are going to regularly appear bringing new insights to, say, the recording of previous albums, past tours, how some songs evolved in the studio, etc., then I would consider subscribing.
  11. ‘Tried to sign up for the free 4 mos., but actually it says the free period ends on 7/6/2020!.... So I backed out of the “deal.” It’s only 8 bucks a month, but I hesitate doing that as $$ flies out of my wallet So much easier than it drops in!! Good luck to anyone signing up for it!
  12. No U2 X radio in Europe. We can't subscribe!