1. Originally posted by Remy:There is a new You Too, you can vote for this new poll on the frontpage and discuss it in this thread.

    The question of this new You Too is:

    Would you subscribe to U2 X Radio based on what you've heard so far?
    - Yes, I would if I could
    - No, I need to hear more
    - I already have a subscription
    - I am not interested in U2 X Radio

    Please vote on the frontpage of the website, in this topic you can tell us why you voted for your answer.
    'Cause I live in Uruguay.
    My vote goes to "I am not interested in U2 X Radio"

    Have a great day, guys!
  2. Same case.
    I live in Argentina.
    I prefer my U2 songs on the cellphone.
  3. I would love the chance to listen to it.But i just can't understand why the whole world can't get a chance to subsribe .When any Balloon head in the world can voice his opinon on something and everyone in the world can read it but we can't listen to an American radio station.