1. BBC sessions would ease the pain of the virus.
  2. I prefer Chicago 05-16-2001 the show with four Achtung Baby songs in a row.

    Originally posted by deanallison:[..]
    I think it’s more likely we’ll get just 1 disc of material from 1 show and probably focusing on the ATYCLB tracks that were regulars similar to the JT Madison square garden show they released. South bend as an example was 1 hour 53 minutes for the recording on here so they’ll need to cut 33 minutes worth of material if it was that show.

  3. I would enjoy that...

    They do need to release another live disc, something they can play a thousand times on U2X as they are doing with U222....
  4. and I don't need a super duper deluxe version that has pins, a suitcase, stickers...a cassette version, along with a rare 7" record that I would have to spend double to get.....I'll be pissed cause it'll be $500 ( I know, I know... I don't have to buy it... but I would WANT IT!!)
  5. Or in our audio libraries haha.

    They'll release 2001-10-25