1. The remixes? ATYCLB is my favourite era for remixes
  2. From what I’ve read, I know a lot of people are disappointed over the live release accompanying this release. I for one am super excited! Not counting the live songs here and there that have been released on iTunes and other various formats in audio form, other than the two Joshua tree concerts released over the last 12 years they haven’t really released a “full” concert commercially like this. Again, I’m not counting the dvds and the fan club releases.
  3. Beautiful Day has some great remixes
  4. In all seriousness, the Influx Remix of Elevation may be one of the best U2 remixes out there
  5. elevation (the biffco mix)
  6. Elevation Influx mix is great, but I prefer some Pop remixes (Staring at the Sun are great, some Discotheque, LNOE, even Dirty Day mixes are on Pop single)
  7. Biffco is by far the best elevation version... I can’t believe Tomb Rider mix was used for promotion as I can’t stand that one personal feelings but Biffco rocks
  8. That Biffco mix is terrible. Sounds like some bad dj took the song and added crappy EDM drums sounds and awful autotune effects.

    Kill it. Kill it with fire!