1. At least we know know what he sounds like during sex.
  2. I am really curious why different versions of the songs were not released. I know there are at least 2 other versions of Walk On with different lyrics. One of Kite, 2 of Stuck In a Moment, 2 of New York, with one of them where Bono is talking about Frank Sinatra at the end of the song and finally one of Elevation.
  3. Originally posted by MattG:Worth noting the energy in that clip is likely relative to the fact that they broadcasted Streets live on the Boston news that night, so simply getting angles for later editing isn't good enough. He's literally live-directing the broadcast.

    I don't care for his editing style either for the most part but he's not bad at his job.

    yes, that's why I used the word live

  4. the US version, filmed in Berlin during the European part of the Elevation Tour and causing the 1st Arnhem show to start a bit later. It was only a small 'sacrifice', but not sure if the video was even worth it The Kevin Godley version was more than good enough.
  5. Is U2 Elevation Live in Boston available on Blu-Ray? Thanks.
  6. No unfortunately however it should be as should all their concert releases, I bought Queen's Hungarian rhapsody on Blu ray which was filmed in 1986. The cinematography is excellent,the positioning of the cameras the editing with top notch direction here is just outstanding...I have a large collection of DVD / Blu ray Rock concerts , I must say this is one of the best rock shows ever to be recorded & put out on film
  7. Well it might only be on SD-Blu-ray like some stones or queen releases if it was not shot on film but tv cameras pre HD there is no real reason to push it to Blu-ray ... sadly .... Hungarian is great but that was shot on film
  8. Yet another pointless lyric video