1. Hands down one of my favorite performances of that song! Glad they released that to purchase on iTunes and not just on cd
  2. I wonder though if they'll focus on recordings from that era, meaning 2000-2001.. but yeah, love that version with Kate Blanchett's solo
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    I’ve posted since then, possibly in the ATYCLB album thread and it seems like we will be getting a 2 disc live set anyway which would be more like a full show. I’m guessing at south bend because of the webcast, I think that makes it a more obvious choice for release, something that will stand out to the band. A post 9/11 New York being another option. I was asking the question before that can anyone really think of another elevation show that would be memorable enough for the band to go back and revisit for a release, I don’t think there is really. Boston is possible but I think they’ll go with something that’s unreleased, slane I don’t think would be an option either having been released with the fanclub, they don’t release fanclub gifts in the same format commercially.

    Ah, OK. I was not aware of the webcast, so South Bend makes sense. No offense to anyone from South Bend, but it struck me as a random gig. If not that, I suspect they'd use a Leg 3 NY show since the album's become so associated with that post-9/11 Fall 2001 through Super Bowl 2002 period.
  4. Remember, from JT20 to 30, they changed the live release to be a New York gig that was previously unreleased. They did a new vocal take on Red Hill Mining Town. They released JT Session outtakes and new remixes. So they still released fresh stuff.

    In the Achtung Anniversary release, they had the Kindergarten versions, the covered versions, and a couple of outtakes never released before.

    For sure ATYCLB will have some fresh new material.I am hoping they will release South Bend. It's the first concert they ever played the first 3 songs of The Joshua Tree in order! But there might be some licensing issues with the What's Going On performance?

    Can't wait to see what else they include there.