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    Yeah the same as the dvd, I love the show but tbh it’s the kind of thing that should have been included when they originally released the Boston show. It’s going to be an expensive way for me to get the show on cd but I’m a sucker for live stuff and getting it in both dvd and cd format.
    I hear you, and yeah, it should have been included way back when
  2. I'll wait for the 30th anniversary edition when (fingers crossed) we can have audio of the Slane show.
  3. Why would you want that? Why not an unreleased show instead?
  4. All This I Can I Leave Behind - not buying
  5. Will likely buy the vinyl box set when the price no doubt comes down in a year or two
  6. I thought that way about the JT 30 vinyl box set, but it's still high priced
  7. Super deluxe vinyl for me
  8. For now I am not buying this box. Way too much money for some leftovers, a new mix and a live show we already know. I had hoped for some remastered live shows and a kind of documentary, the making of with interviews with the band members about the songs, a bit like the Springsteen boxes of Born to run, Darkness on the edge of town and The River. But that seems to be a lot work apparently.
  9. Super Deluxe vinyl box for me