1. We have 7 people that we need to eliminate.
  2. Lately (last 2 weeks) I´ve been only listening to U2, but it´s not like I´m always listening to music. Only when I´m driving and because of the pandemic, that only happens during the weekends. To avoid the "U2-burnout" I try to put the songs in shuffle, or select a tour or a show randomly. It's not like I listen to U2 for hours every day.
  3. I listen to U2 everyday, only because they appear in all my Spotify playlists
  4. The past weeks I have listened to over 100 hours of U2. Just for the podcast recordings.

    So now I'm mixing it up with some other artist.
  5. Listening to very little of anything but my U2 consumption is mostly made up of finding new or forgotten gems on youtube. Thoroughly enjoyable and keeping the flame alive (as usual though very little of it is post 2001).
  6. U2 are my 9th most listened artist this year.
  7. Barely any at all this year, but it’s been coming back the past few months. Listening to U2 is like being a coal miner or drug addict, sometimes you hit a vein. Also walked past the Dublin Hard Rock recently and memories of mystery bad came back @germcevoy