1. Nice interview Luke. A word of advice if I may - you need to beg, steal, borrow or crowd fund some money when the next tour comes around; it will take your appreciation of U2 to a whole new level. Bootlegs and official release can’t replicate the thrill of being there.
  2. "For the next album, I want a surprise. I want something new, something they've never done before; but I don't want them to do something new just to be new. As to what that is, I do not know, but all I desire is a good U2 album."

    This is very well said, and I couldn't agree more
    Great interview, Luke, some really good answers and insights thanks for the nice read, and welcome to the family
  3. Nice username! I often call myself Timinator . And Im gonna fly to Florida to steal the ATYCLB box
  4. Brilliant interview Luke @Lukinator It's so nice and refreshing to see young people being so passionate about our band
  5. Great interview Luke. And it is quite comforting to see a young las listening to U2 nowadays. Congrats