1. I forgot
    My album of the year 2021 is

    Scaled and Icy by twenty one pilots
  2. Best recent albums:

    Tears For Fears The Tipping Point
    Duran Duran Future Past
    Jack White Fear Of The Dawn
    John Mellencamp Strictly A One Eyed Jack(a difficult listen with the state of Mellencamp's voice, but worth the time and effort.)
  3. Midnight Oil - Resist (far my nr 1, their definite last album)
  4. This year best albums so far are
    Porcupine Tree - Closure/Continuation
    Pure Reason Revolution - Above Cirrus
  5. Top albums for me so far this year:
    Wet Leg - Wet Leg
    The Smile - A Light For Attracting Attention
    Beach House - Once Twice Melody
    Arcade Fire - WE
    Metric - Formentera