1. Does anyone have a link to a recording of the set Placebo played when supporting U2 at Parc des Princes, Paris, France on 06-09-1997?

    I have a great quality cassette recording of this but wondered if anyone may have a digital audio link?

    Same applies for Cast when they supported U2 at Roundhay Park, Leeds on 28-08-1997. Again I have a great quality recording on cassette and you can really hear the torrential downpour hitting the umbrella of the person who used a DAT to record the performance.

    Those UK and European shows were fantastic to be at.

  2. Depeche Mode - 31-08-1993 - Crystal Palace Bowl, London

    This was without doubt the best time I have ever seen them, and I have seen them a lot. This was a fantastic show and was broadcast a week later on BBC Radio 1 UK.

  3. Föllakzoid- 17-08- 2018 - La Route du Rock, Saint-Malo, France 2018

    Music for Lophophora Williamsi