1. They're a great live band but I've found it impossible to find any downloadable boots from Crowded House.

    The only time I ever saw them live was at the London Fleadh festival in 1994. I know that there's a good quality boot of that show out there somewhere. Can I find it? Not a chance!

    If anybody can help with this or any other Crowded House show, please help!

  2. I found one bootleg of theirs.....

    Crowded House: 1994-06-11 London

    01. When You Come
    02. In My Command
    03. Fall At Your Feet
    04. Fingers Of Love
    05. Distant Sun
    06. Pineapple Head
    07. Four Seasons In One Day
    08. There Goes God
    09. Locked Out
    10. Weather With You
    11. Private Universe
    12. Don't Dream It's Over
    13. Catherine Wheels
    14. Together Alone
    15. The Parting Glass

    Part 1 : http://link-protector.com/185082/

    Part 2: http://link-protector.com/185083/

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  4. We don't have a dedicated Crowded House thread (sadly!) so this will do nicely. Fantastic duet

  5. I adore Crowded House / Neil and Tim Finn! Quality songs and songwriting and a first class live band - never a dull moment on stage, and I would imagine many U2 fans would appreciate.

    Have caught them 7 times now (inc. 2 Finn Bros shows). One of the best ones I saw was at the Royal Albert Hall in London, 2nd row seat, dead centre. Just before the encore at that show, they got their roadies to finish off playing the last half of one of their songs whilst the band disappeared.

    Then near the end of the song, the followspots were redirected from the main stage to one of the balcony boxes in the audience where the band were all watching and cheering just like the rest of the crowd - it was pure class, and a typical kind of thing that happens at their gigs.

    This is where I go for all my Crowdies stuff..


    its for all things Finn only - be it Crowded House, Finn Bros, Split Enz etc., theres a fair bit of stuff out there.