1. Originally posted by miryclay:The edit that is in theatres now seems to be different to the edit from one month ago. They have removed the sub-story of artistic and domestic conflict between Ash and her artist boyfriend.

    I'm not gonna lie. I also walked out of the theatre on Dec 22 thinking it might be a different edit than what I saw end of Nov... not for the Ash+bf thing you mentioned, and not for anything I could put my finger on exactly. But something in maybe the first 15mins is what first had me wondering...

    Followed up with a very brief comment Bono made at one of those panels I watched, where he was referring to a scene and looked over at Garth and muttered something like, "was it in the version they just watched?" (referring to what the crowd in attendence just watched). Which left me realizing, yes there are probably always slightly different edits of these films as they finalize everything for release
  2. FTSD has multiple edits floating around all released within a few months of each other. Your go to person on these matters is U2W1.
  3. Just saw it with the wife and kids. We all loved it. A joyful movie with a lot of great music, U2 of course included. Streets, Stuck, Still Haven’t Found, and Your Song Saved My Life all came at great moments, especially Still Haven’t Found.

    Without spoiling anything, Clay Calloway’s entrance to the stage made me want to see a U2 show again badly.

  4. For those in the U.S., you can rent Sing 2 from the comfort of your home starting this Friday. I’m imagining it’ll probably cost $19.99, since that’s been the norm for most big movies released On Demand during the pandemic. Or you can wait until it comes to Peacock (NBC/Universal’s streaming service) which might be 45 days after the theatrical release date, so about early February.
  5. I just saw Sing 2 at home with my 10 year old daughter and we both loved the movie, music, and Bono as Clay Calloway. I definitely shed a few tears when he started playing ISHFWILF on his guitar after 15 years away from the stage. Damn, WE ALL need new U2 Music and a tour as soon as it's safe...I hope everyday that I get to experience everything about going to a U2 show. Next one will be my 35th. I know that we have less shows in front of us than behind us and have for awhile now. I vow to cherish every single note of the next show....whenever that may be.
  6. watched this last night with my two boys (both under 10) my youngest has been humming "I still haven't found" all day, very proud daddy! hopefully this film will help bring U2s music to a younger generation