1. Originally posted by miryclay:*I’d tell Bono: The Stuck in a Moment arrangement At Sydney 2019 was 'chockers'.
    *I’d tell Edge: Your guitar playing in Perth was ripper.
    *I’d tell Adam: I was there in Sydney 93 when you had to many slabs of beer.
    *I’d tell Larry: No worries mate!
    *I’d be Sydney Mike

  2. I’d tell Bono: “ambition bites the nails of success”
    I’d tell Edge: to give the copycat guitarists something new to copy
    I’d tell Larry and Adam: to speak up
  3. if i need to tell a musician what to do to make a album, i prefer they don't do it.
  4. Nigel Godrich is the man
  5. They should get Noel Gallagher to co-write, co-produce and feature on it and do one of his pop disco LPs.