1. This one needs it too
  2. We'll adapt them chronologically. There is obviously going to be consternation with the live tracks.
  3. I figured. Still a bummer for the live videos.
  4. This thread is about what
  5. This reminds me of that scene in Men In Black when Zed says “You’re here because we’re looking for the best of the best of the best.” Will Smith:”Maybe you already said this, but why are we here?” Marine: “We’re here because you’re looking for the best of the best of the best Sir!”
  6. So nothing missing so far from TJT. I'll just expect that we won't get 'Jesus Christ'.
    Any suggestions ad and we will post chronically.
  7. Wait to see if they’ll upload the Streets V2 video, but i doubt as they missed Pride (faces)
    I think they will miss many videos.
    When Love Comes to Town V2
    One buffalo + faces
    Even Better V2