1. Was it band authorized?

    What's going on with Spanish Eyes? Sweetest Thing?
  2. Not sure if the band authorised it but it has been played on a number of TV stations over the years so you'd assume it was signed off by someone at some point.

    I reckon we'll get Spanish eyes any day now but thinking sweetest thing will appear after pop.
  3. I'd imagine it was created in an Australian TV station.
  4. I thought the same when I saw it the other day. I'd be very surprised if the band was involved in any way with that video.
  5. They may have had loose regulations back in the day. Certainly not as strong as 21st US.
  6. I updated the list with help taken from U2SONGS. See first page of this thread.
  7. Originally posted by miryclay:RHMT has the logo on it so it looks like its a go. Does anyone know what guitar Edge is playing in the WOWY video?

    The one below
    Sorry, I missed your question a few weeks ago. That's the Yamaha AE2000 he talks about in the article you posted yesterday! It also appears in the When Love Comes To Town video they uploaded today:

  8. That image also struck me yesterday. So many revelations in 2021. Revealing themselves one star at a time.
  9. Good eye.
  10. What I wonder is which song they were playing in that video because Edge is doing a Dm chord! And I can't think of any songs played with the BB King assemble that include a Dm.
  11. The drop ladder in that still was used later in the AIWIY 'circus jump' scene.