1. First up


    It’s time for the next round. 8 years later! Building on some decent discussion on the forums recently let’s get ourselves a focal point every now and again. Let’s agree, disagree and everything in between.

    Who’s in?

    Format will much remain the same. We will post a show here on Monday. Everybody go get it. Listen to it in your own time. Jot down some musings here as you listen if you wish however you MUST leave a review on the show page. Let’s say 500 words minimum. We will come back here the following weekend (11 days from the show being posted) and we can pick apart each other’s reviews.

    It would be nice this time around to look for some lesser spotted shows. Find the hidden gems. We will open the floor each week to somebody to pick the next show but we might limit your selection to shows with 5 or less reviews.
  2. I'm in.
  3. I'd glady participate @gemcevoy!
  4. This sounds great! Count me in.
  5. I'll try to join.
  6. Sure I’m game 👍
  7. good idea to have accurate ratings on the shows . Please tell 1 now I'm on vacation and have the time to listen carefully
  8. No harm going early this time around. One I’ve never listened to.
  9. Are we listening to "Bono Is A Dinky Trabant"?
  10. Yes we are!

    I'm in - I can review this show without even listening to it again
  11. Austin even has a soundcheck to listen to! And it doesn't sound half bad either. You can listen to the Mysterious Ways backing tracks in all their glory without any Edge or Bono bothering you
  12. I think this is going to be the first time I've listened to a ZOO TV Arena show. Should be interesting.