1. Hello guys,

    7.0 went well enough and gained enough traction to go again. This weeks show has been chosen by achtungpop. We are heading back to 1983 for a War show that I know for sure that I haven't listened to before.


    Please use the Master Tape source.

    Same format as before. Grab the show, listen at your leisure, post your musings here and please please pleas POST A REVIEW ON THE SHOW PAGE. There really is no other point to this unless we get some well thought out reviews for these shows.

    We will run this round until Saturday March 20th.
  2. Not surprised to see Pato dishing out the only review thus far. I'll give this a bash.
  3. I almost never go back further than the TUF tour. This will be a good listen.
  4. We should call this the ‘let’s honour pato round table’.
  5. Lmao
  6. is* , he's still alive poor guy is swamped with work and real life in general but we're still in touch with him.
  7. goddamn i forgot how LEGENDARY the Brick > ADWM transition is. Imagine them doing that now.

    Also went through the tour history and noticed this was their 6th show in a row! They do not sound like it at all. These guys worked their asses off and (almost) always sounded so electric.
  8. Of course I say that and now they start to sound more tired
  9. Lol
  10. Loaded up and ready to listen. Love an early show and War hits the spot every time.