1. Episode 19 of the U2start podcast!

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    Episode #19 - The origins and legendary moments of Mr. MacPhisto

    In this first podcast of 2021 we go back and forth in time talking about the famous Mr. MacPhisto. The legendary character who travelled around the globe in 1993, only to return in a somewhat different form in 2018 and 2019. We explore the origins of the character, share and listen to his most famous phone calls and we talk with U2 fan Marco, who has been dressing up as MacPhisto and even made his way on stage impersonating this devilish figure.

    Episode references

    * Video of Marco on stage as MacPhisto in Sydney
    * Wikipedia on Faust
    * Marco's Instagram
    * U2songs article on MacPhisto
    * MacPhisto phone calls, recordings and transcripts

    How to listen

    You can listen to the podcast on our podcast page, but we are also on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcast, Stitcher and TuneIn. Just search for "U2start".
  2. I just listened to this today. Great podcasht! I think the group forgot to remember that MacPhisto was also partially born out of Bono's perceived failure of the 'Jesus Saviour' stage persona of the 80's. Basically, his thinking was, l have tried the 'Christ approach' and now l have to try the 'Devil approach'. MacPhisto in 93 was of course foreshadowing his later 'fat elvis' future which came full circle in 18. MacPhisto won me over with his incredible references to songs and places and times. His exaggerated delivery just reveals how much of a genius Bono really is. Europeans must remember during discussions of cabreat and theatre that many Americans wouldn't be a well versed in theater traditions as those in Europe. It plays a minor role in American life. Thanks for sharing your story Marco.
  3. Great podcast @Remy! Very well structured and with loads of interesting bits for us McPhisto fans Really recommended.
  4. And of course this website is an absolute wonder and should be cherished and protected forever. Big respect
  5. If l meet Marco in real life, he lives near me, we will sure to play 'Marco....Bono'.

  6. Yes. Thank you, it makes me happy when other people find it useful.